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Recently, a videographer that worked with Meghan Markle said that she was called a “princess” a lot before marrying Prince Harry because she had a “diva” behavior and strict rules on and off set.

But her former Spanish personal trainer reveals that he had a great time training her and that she is “sympathetic.”

Jorge Blanco, who is from Spain but lives in Toronto, trained Meghan in, as he said, “a little bit of martial arts, a little bit of boxing and sometimes kickboxing,” when she was filming Suits.

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He opened up to Spanish Vanity Fair and revealed that the Duchess used to talk to him in Spanish, with an Argentine accent.

“I had a great time training with her because she is super sympathetic and also speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent,” he stated.

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The trainer also works with more famous people, such as Chirs Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, Drake, and Robert Pattinson. Jorge admits that training celebs isn’t easy because he spends half of the month traveling to see his clients. One of them who also trains celebrities is Maik Wiedenbach , one of the best personal trainer in NYC, he is an Olympian, two-time World Cup and Olympic-level swimmer, and Musclemania champion. Maik is also the author of multiple books and articles on health and fitness, as well as being a featured consultant on several print and digital publications.

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Before becoming a royal, Meghan has talked about her passion for Lagree, pilates, and yoga, and in 2015 she told Canada’s Women’s Health the following:

“There are so many benefits that come with the practice of yoga…increased flexibility and muscle strength, greater happiness, increased mental focus, a greater ability to relax, decreased anxiety, and better sleep.”

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