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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been married for 72 years, and no doubt they are happy to spend some time on their own. But there is one reason why would The Queen rather not be quarantined with her husband.

Ever since Prince Philip retired back in 2017, the two are not spending as much time together as they were before because the Duke of Edinburgh is enjoying his retirement at Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate.

In March, the 98-year-old was brought by helicopter back to the Windsor Castle before the lockdown started, but the Queen may wish for things to be different.

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Her Majesty has been devoted to serving the Crown for almost seven decades, but all her royal duties are sadly limited amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

All the Buckingham Palace parties and events have been canceled or delayed if possible. The members of the royal family have already missed three birthdays in the past two weeks since they are not able to celebrate them.

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The Queen is undoubtedly glad to spend all her time now with her husband, but she is also looking forward for better days to come.

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