Many people are excited for Electric Zoo: Transformed, but there are still people that are skeptical about this festival. That big question is whether or not to make it to this year\’s E Zoo.



The main reason people are skeptical about this festival is because it\’s thought to be \”cursed\”. Electric Zoo has disappointed its goers for the past 2 years due to cancellations. I personally know the disappointment… I have been trying to go for the past 2 years, but the past 2 years Sunday have been cancelled. In 2013, I got to experience Friday thanks to LivingSocial and I loved the experience, so I decided to give it another try on Sunday. On Saturday, there were 2 deaths due to overdose, resulting in Sunday being cancelled. I was bummed, but I tried to give 2014 another shot. I decided to buy Sunday tickets for E-Zoo 2014. However, Sunday was cancelled again due to hard rain. I was especially upset about 2014 because the weather cleared up about an hour or so later, so I felt that EZoo 2014 could have continued after the rain had stopped. Made Events did give refunds for both cancellations, and even gave discounts for Electric Zoo: Transformed to the people who bought EZoo 2014 tickets. Still, consecutive cancellations make festival goers uneasy to purchase tickets.


Made Events has been trying to make up these cancellation by completely transforming Electric Zoo. Electric Zoo:Transformed will still be at Randall\’s Island, but  promises a more artistic venue and better stages with the help of ID&T (the minds behind Tomorrowland and Mysteryland). They also promise music of all genres.


Focus turns to bigger stages, brighter lights, recharged production. Refreshing art installations and interactive elements play into the festival’s zoo theme.
\"visitor-map\"source: Electric zoo


It seems that even though E-Zoo has created disappointments, they are trying hard to keep their festival goers and are going above and beyond this year. If you bought your tickets you\’re definitely going to have a good time, but lets just hope nothing happens this year!

Here\’s the line-up: