Yesterday, the opportunity to ask Insomniac anything took place on Reddit at 3pm. The purpose of this AMA (Ask Me Anything) was to \”discuss health, safety and sober raving at Insomniac festivals,\” according to a news release from 42West, a public relations firm for Insomniac. Following the drug-related deaths of two young women at a large electronic dance music festival, the Nocturnal Wonderland producers hosted the AMA to educate those attending this weekend as well as answer any questions from the general public.

At 3pm, Maren Steiner, Insomniac\’s director of health and safety, and Patt Ochoa, Insomniac\’s Consciousness Group volunteer manager, member of the board of directors for Harmonium, and co-founder/program director of Sustain Recovery Services, took to Reddit to answer questions.

Steiner and Ochoa started off their AMA addressing that Nocturnal Wonderland is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, quickly to follow with \”safety is paramount.\” The two made it clear that their top priority is the safety of their attendees.

In the light of recent deaths at electronic dance music festivals, Steiner and Ochoa were asked if there were any changes in procedures/rules to increase fan safety at Insomniac events. Steiner answered the Redditor\’s question with the following statement:

\”Fan safety has always been our number one priority, and we’re always exploring new and innovative ideas on how to better that aspect of our events. We pride ourselves on having an industry-leading safety program, and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our proactive response to safety issues. It’s really important for us to not only reinforce to fans that they should look out for themselves and their health, but also the health of their fellow human beings around them.\”

Insomniac has a zero tolerance policy for illegal activity. Instead, they have an \”everybody look out for everybody\” policy, according to Steiner:

\”…every single guest who comes through our entrance gate gets information in our festival guide on what signs and symptoms to look for when someone might need help and what to do to get someone the assistance that they need.\”

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