The summer seasons are the perfect time to take your boat out to the sea. You get to experience the vast water and relax in the bliss of quietness around you. But to get started, you will have to first prepare your boat. Keeping it clean and frequent maintenance will ensure that it lasts for a long time without complications. One of the premier types which boating enthusiasts love is the Bennington Boat.

Bennington Pontoon at ZeBoats is one of the most premium, luxurious pontoon manufacturers that started in the year 1997. Bennington is a brand that focuses on manufacturing boats that are innovative in design and performance. The reason which makes Bennington popular is the attention to detail and quality that they deliver.

To get preparing for your boating adventure, you will have to follow some crucial procedures so that you can have an amazing time in your Bennington Pontoon Boat:

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Prepare the engine

You will have to get your Pontoon ready for taking it out on the water. When you are preparing your boat, make sure that you change the fuel filter and check the spark plugs. Be sure that you change the motor oil as it tends to thickens over time. See that all the engine oils are at the appropriate level. To be on the safer end, you might also have to look at the electrical lines to check if they are functioning properly.

Test the battery

A dead battery in the middle of the sea will be a spoiler to the fun boating experience. One of the most common issues that you will face while operating a boat is a dead battery. If you want to prevent this type of situation, then you will have to make sure that the battery of your Pontoon is at a full charge level. You will also have to check if the battery is working properly or else fix the issue. Most of your local marinas will offer facilities to check the battery or options to purchase a new one. While you are inspecting the battery, if you notice that the acid level is low, refill it. Keeping your battery on overnight charge will ensure that it is in full power before you take it out for your boating.

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Inspect the exterior

Before taking out your Pontoon, follow a complete inspection of the exterior. You will need to fix any holes, punctures, or cracks immediately. Not acknowledging the problem in time will cost you, and it will also spoil your day while you are out boating. Head over to to see more details on how you can maintain your boat. You might also get to learn what you have been missing to have a better boating experience.

Clean the boat

Frequent cleaning of your Bennington Pontoon will keep its appearance new and ensure the safety of the boat. To protect the finish of your boat, always rinse it off with water after every boating excursion. Since the salty water of the sea is corrosive, this can cause damage to the surface. By cleaning the hull of your Pontoon, you are protecting it and improving the efficiency of fuel.

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Follow a safety check routine

With frequent maintenance, you are increasing the lifetime and safety of your boat. Before you set sails, check if your first aid kit is in place and full stock. Inspect the exhaust outlets for any chance of blockages to prevent the risk of the boat’s occupants inhaling carbon monoxide. Make sure that your Pontoon has enough life jackets, and if you have children in it, then make a point that they are wearing jackets.

Preserving your investment

Apart from protecting it from damage, your Pontoon’s maintenance will also make your boating experiences full of adventures. Following regular maintenance of the equipment, cleaning the boat, and assessing the safety measures will keep your property new and free of issues. Regular cleaning is also mandatory as it will get rid of all the dirt and foreign elements that can potentially create costly damages to your boat.

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Maintenance before storage

As the season changes and winter starts nearing, it is important to see that your Pontoon is kept safe while not in use. Clean the boat and follow the protective protocols. While you are cleaning your Bennington Ponton for the storage, using a cleaning solution specifically for cleaning aluminum will enhance the shine. With an extra layer of protective wax coat, you will be confident that the exterior body is protected and safe from elements that could harm the body.

Once you are done cleaning the exterior and interior, use a cover to protect your Pontoon from water and debris. Store away your boat in a safe place, away from those objects that may bring damage while it is not in use. With a little effort at the beginning of every seasonal change, you can carry safety procedures that will exponentially extend your Pontoon’s life.


Taking your Bennington Pontoon out on a leisure fishing trip is the perfect getaway to relax, refresh your mind, and be in the midst of nature. Irrespective of whether you are a new owner or if you have had your Pontoon for years, you should keep your boat clean and follow maintenance to make your investment last for years to come.

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By taking proper care of your Pontoon, you are making sure that your boat’s exterior, interior, and the engine is in top operating condition at all times. These frequent maintenances will eliminate all the unnecessary repair costs and make it worth the investment for you.