Mercedes-Benz is a luxury automobile brand that is adored to a great extent by car enthusiasts in India. The German brand is a symbol of utmost luxury, comfort and power in India. If a Mercedes-Benz passes you on the streets, you tend to give it a glance for the sheer exclusivity the car offers with its design and its capability to stand out in traffic.

In India, lakhs of people dream to drive around in a Mercedes-Benz car that flaunts that three-edged star at the front. There is no other luxury automobile brand in India that has gained the status and recognition like the Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes car price in India may be on the higher side still, in a day you can find hundreds of Mercedes-Benz cars on the streets.

Where it all Began

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Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd is owned wholly by the German brand Daimler AG with its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It was the year 1994 when Daimler AG entered the Indian market as Mercedes-Benz India Ltd but had to rename to Daimler Chrysler India Pvt Ltd after the companies merger with Chrysler.

The very first Mercedes in India was owned by Rakesh Kumar Agrawal, who was the owner of the largest printing press in Asia. In 2007 Chrysler demerged from the association and the parent company changed its name to Daimler AG which led to the renaming of Daimler Chrysler India back to Mercedes-Benz India.

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz won many prestigious awards in the luxury car segment. The Fortune India magazine featured Mercedes-Benz as the more adored company in India. The German company has also received the highest rank in the J.D. Power 2018 India Customer Service Index (CSI).

With more than two decades of its presence in the country, Mercedes-Benz as a brand has established its presence in every part of the country. Earlier Mercedes-Benz car prices were much higher and could be affordable for only film stars and Businessmen. But now since most of the Mercedes-Benz cars are manufactured or assembled in India, the wish to own a luxury car like the Mercedes-Benz is not too far.

The Manufacturing plant of Mercedes-Benz is setup at Chakan, Pune spread over an area of more than 100 acres. The plant is among the fastest green-field operations ever to be created and the facility is also rated as the top-most CKD plants of Mercedes-Benz globally. The brand has another major facility at Whitefield, Bangalore.

From then to now!

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As years passed, Mercedes-Benz kept on introducing new cars to the Indian market. Most of them were accepted with open arms by Indian luxury car buyers. Many other famous luxury car brands also made a move to the Indian market but the feeling of royalty and classic luxury can only be experienced in a Mercedes-Benz.

The brand also introduced the AMG section of cars in India. Mercedes-Benz and AMG together have given the world including India some fast and intelligently designed cars that delivered a performance like never before.

Mercedes-Benz now has introduced cars in almost every segment in India. Mercedes-Benz cars are recognized according to what class they belong to. In the sedan segment of cars, the brand has introduced some super impressive cars like Mercedes-Benz C200, C300d AMG, E 200, E220d, E350 d and many more.

Year after year

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For the Mercedes-Benz car price, it is difficult to find another brand that has evolved so much with time but still maintains the classic reputation. Automobile designers at Mercedes year after year prove how cars can be made more and more attractive keeping the brand identity in place.

Every year Mercedes-Benz comes up with a surprise in its cars that forces its competitors to keep innovating and be a part of the race. The surprise may be either a new engine technology, a path-breaking design change or an added piece of luxury to the interiors.

The Mercedes-Benz E Class was one of the most popular cars in India. The model with the Xenon headlamps attracted a lot of luxury car buyers. Mercedes launched the W124 series E220 in the year 1994 at an on-road price of Rs 20 lakhs. At first, Indian car buyers refused to buy the car but in the year 2000 the W124 was replaced by the W210 series E-Class in 1998 and the mighty S- Class and the fortunes started to favour the three-edged star.

Throughout the 2000’s Mercedes-Benz made some rapid progress and kept on launching new models every year. By the year 2004 Mercedes-Benz India had become a company worth Rs 500 crores.

Till the year 2014, the company hit the mark of 50,000 units in India. Market expansion was a huge reason behind this success but what made Mercedes-Benz even more successful was the new manufacturing plant setup in 2009 at Pune.

Mercedes-Benz went all out and introduced a range of SUV’s and also the new BSVI S Class and the 10th generation E Class.

The strong SUV’s and AMG

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Mercedes-Benz India has launched a big fleet of SUV’s in India that have been appreciated by customers and some have also been best selling cars for the brand.

Some of the SUV’s that made a great impression on the Indian car market are the GLC, GLA, GLS and the legendary G Class.

AMG powered cars are considered as some of the fastest cars on this planet. The collaboration of Mercedes-Benz with AMG feels like the brand has even more powerful wings now.

The Mercedes AMG GT R, AMG G63, AMG GT 63 are cars with exceptional performance paired with luxury.

The Maybach

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The Mercedes S Class Maybach is an absolute symbol of luxury. The comfort and the exclusive features that this car offers is nothing more than what you can ask from a car. It is one of the most expensive cars by Mercedes-Benz.


Source: Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz India is the only luxury car maker in the country with around 96 outlets in 47 cities. The brand has also set up AMG performance centres in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune.

The Future for Mercedes-Benz in India looks bright and the journey of delivering flawless luxury cars will continue the same way for decades.The dealership also offers sales and after-sales services to Mercedes-Benz customers and also has fully equipped service workshops across Mumbai.

If you wish to own a three-edged star, then a dealership is the place to be. You can know more about your favourite Mercedes car price and also have a test drive of the car. A Mercedes dealership ensures the best services to its customers and lives up to the name of the brand it represents.

You can also purchase pre-owned Mercedes Benz cars from the dealerships. What makes it different from other pre-owned car dealers is that all the cars are first certified by the brand Mercedes-Benz itself and then put on sale. So, what if you do not have the budget to buy a new Mercedes car in India you can still own a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz.