Airstream Bambi was launched as a proactive response to the needs of society around 1960. During this period, most Americans were beginning to consider and look in the direction of getting small-sized automobiles to replace the large ones available.

The major problem they started to face was that these small automobiles would not be able to move the massive trailers that were also being produced. Bob Wheeler, the CEO, explained that the company noticed this trend and designed the first single-axle airstream recreational vehicle that is smaller and lightweight in a bid to solve this problem. This helped to solve the problem of size at that time and made the brand increase in popularity.

The name “Bambi” was first used in an African journey, led by the founder, Wally Byam. On the trip from Cape Town to Cairo, they discovered a deer among the Angolans, known for its strength and sure-footedness, “OMbambi.” The founder saw the deer’s features and likened it to the distinctive properties of this single-axle trailer, so he decided to give it the name “Bambi.”

This name is still being used to date, and it now refers to the entire single-axle airstream travel trailer being produced by the company.



The initial launch size was 16 feet in length, but this silver bullet travel trailer began to evolve, moving through 19, 20, and presently at 22 feet.

This airstream motorhome is designed to be lightweight and hence movable by SUV and other smaller cars. The interior design, although little, is also spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 persons. It also contains various facilities and designs, depending on the traveler’s preference.

Airstream Bambi is available on to various sizes and designs, so interested buyers can access a variety of options to ease their selection. The four sizes listed earlier are the approved line of compact trailers that are presently produced by the company.


Source: Airstream

It contains all you need to enjoy a travel experience with your loved ones. The trailer has a galley kitchen and multifunctioning dinette that can serve as a lounge and a sleeping area.

The kitchen appliances are majorly stainless steel, and this adds a beautiful touch and homely feeling, making you enjoy your cooking experience. Users can also attach ovens, as space is made available in this compact trailer.

The trailer also contains a cool sleeping area, which can accommodate up to four persons to enjoy the best sleeping experience. The RV also includes a spacious bathroom and a shower.

The Bambi design also comes with an exterior shower. Those who will not want to make a mess of the interior, especially those camping with their children, will find this to be useful. The interior is also designed to regulate the temperature by incorporating the heating and cooling system designed to respond to climate change.

Bambi also has a retractable awning that allows campers to enjoy the exterior’s beautiful feel while staying safe under the shade. Most of the latest versions also come with the solar pre-wire kit, ensuring lighting and power supply throughout traveling.

Airstream also considers storage by designing the interior to have roll-top lockers, allowing you to keep your properties safe and accessible without taking up space inside the trailer.

It also has an outdoor storage locker designed to accommodate other equipment you have carried along with you to enjoy your camping experience, including gears and cables. The latest designs also have outlets and USB ports that can quickly charge your appliances and prepare for every day’s adventure.



The prices of Airstream Bambi vary, especially if you are looking into getting a used one. The new Bambi available in 2024 has a starting price of about $48,900, with the price ranging with the size and features accompanying each.

However, if you are looking into getting a portable used recreational vehicle, you can browse several fleets available on The dealers are tested and trusted, and all the information about each of the used Bambi is verified.

The prices, however, vary depending on the location as well as the condition of the used Airstream. Also, the difference in features makes the price vary; however, you can be sure that the prices are standard and approved by most users.

What to look out for before buying one

Before choosing the right model, you need to scan through the series of recreational vehicles available. You must also consider the size of your car.

Although it is designed to be movable by most cars, if you are using a big vehicle and thinking of traveling with a big trailer, you can consider other Airstream products and not Bambi.

However, to cut down costs, it might be advisable to consider one since it can move with just any car type because of its small size.

You must also put your family size into consideration before purchasing the Bambi. The maximum number of people the RV can accommodate is four. So, if you have a larger family, it is safer to consider other options, but if you are looking to travel with two or three friends or wish to go alone, buying one can be a good option.

The popularity of this recreational vehicle will keep growing as it is becoming more aware by the day, and the community is becoming more prominent all over the world. Join the moving train.