eli & fur

Eli & Fur have time and time again proven their uncanny ability to create haunting melodies mixed with impeccable rhythm and soul. Their latest Night Blooming Jasmine EP is another testament to that. With their voices at the focal point in this project, Eli Noble and Jennifer Skillman create eclectic tech-house beats that stand the test of time.

Their lead single off the EP, “Night Blooming Jasmine” brings us downtempo beats mixed with their signature style. The new Eli & Fur EP is out everywhere July 13th and is sure to be a delight! Listen to their first single and check out Eli & Fur tour dates below.


Eli & Fur North American Tour Dates

June 8 – Bang Bang – San Diego, CA

June 9 – Carson Creek Ranch – Austin, TX

June 10 – Seven Rooftop – Minneapolis, MN

June 21 – Flash – Washington, DC

June 22 – Audio – San Francisco, CA

June 23 – Mishawaka Amphitheatre – Bellvue, CO

July 12 – Rumour – Philadelphia, PA

July 20 – Treehouse – Miami, FL  

September 13 – Q Nightclub – Seattle, WA

September 15 – Drais – Las Vegas, NV

+ More dates to be announced