With a gradual rise in energy level and a unique emotion put on display, the juxtaposition brought together through the talents of Mar IX and Tyrell Drew shine through on “My Crew.” Deep house, trap and hip-hop vocal work is at the heart of the song as the drop backs up lyric work during the chorus, one of many peak moments built in. It’s no surprise Mars IX is able to conquer quality on this level as his 250K monthly listeners, major label signings, and strong social presence indicates industry recognition and a sure spark of talent thousands of rising artists would be envious over. Tyrell Drew and Mars IX align naturally on this one as “My Crew” begins its spread.

“This song describes the insatiable bond between a, “Crew.” It relates the bond between friends as being a beautiful connection and that bond transcends even the worst of situations. As Mars IX continues to release their story driven pop-house records, each addition adds more to the message of global acceptance through love and understanding. Mars IX stands for more than just a music career, each song relates real world issues to the listeners while also conveying a sense of responsibility.” – Mars IX