Even though \”the most wonderful time of the year\” is actually festival season, the holiday season is still pretty great. Instead of buying yourself a bunch of presents (otherwise known as tickets) people buy you presents. Instead of spending quality time with your surrogate family, you spend time with your real family (and sometimes your surrogate family too).

Well if there\’s anyone on your list thats an EDM lover, here are ten gifts that will undoubtedly be a slam dunk.

1. Subpac M2 Wearable Tactile Audio System

The new SubPac M2 now offers creators and fans the most immersive personal audio experience to date, allowing them to feel the physical dimension of sound wherever they are, while being quiet to the outside world.

The SubPac M2 combines new proprietary tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes with an all-new design to create an enhanced vibratory field for optimum efficiency, impact and comfort. A slimmer control box, Bluetooth receiver and high capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery allow the patent-pending M2 to go anywhere with ease.


Preorder here for $399

2. Pioneer DDJ-SB Serato DJ Controller

If going to an EDM festival has ever inspired you to become a DJ, the first thing you need is definitely a DJ controller. The Pionner DDJ-SB is the perfect controller for beginners. It comes with a free download of Serato DJ intro, and its straightforward setup makes getting the hang of any pioneer controller easy.

You can find the DDJ-SB for $199 from Guitar Center


3. Splice

Splice is the cloud-based platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing for artists of any skill level. Their Splice Sounds platform offers a free trial for 14 days, with membership plans starting at $7.99 a month for 100 download credits. Subscribers will have access to the stacked catalog of more than 750,000 samples and presets from over 30 top labels, including industry leaders like Loopmasters and Prime Loops, with more content added on a regular basis.

Sign up for Splice here


4. Logic/Abelton

Something you\’ll always hear producers debating about is which production software is better: Logic or Abelton. Each one has its strengths and each one has its weaknesses. Just like with photographers and the Canon vs. Nikon debate, it all comes down to a matter of preference. However, if you\’re thinking about gifting one of these out, you can rest assured that either will be satisfactory to the unexpecting novice producer. Huge EDM stars have used both to create even huger singles, and both provide literally endless options for making music. The only advantage Ableton has in this situation is the different options for software as compared to the standard Logic Pro X.

Logic Pro X is available for $199 on the Mac Store and check out the Ableton online store to see which version works best for you.



5. KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 4 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

If you want speakers that rival festival quality in your room, the Rokit\’s are your best bet. Even a pair of 5\’s (the smallest ones) have more than enough power to get a few noise complaints. Also if you\’re recipient is interested in producing music, the Rokit\’s make excellent studio monitors for reliable sound reproduction. The Rokit G3\’s come in varying sizes with the numbers representing the diameter of the cones. Starting out at 4, you can also buy, 5\’s, 6\’s, 8\’s, or even 10\’s, if you feel like causing an earthquake. Pair the monitors with a Rokit subwoofer to get the most out of your speaker system.

Check all of KRK\’s products on their official website


6. Merchtable gift certificate

If your the type of person who worries about giving good gifts, but doesn\’t want to give out cash or a Visa gift cards as a present, a Merchtable gift card will surely satisfy any EDM lover. Why Merchtable you ask? Because merchtable handles the merchandise for dozens of electronic artists including Major Lazer, Zeds Dead, all of Dirtybird Records, and many more. With an enormous selection of clothes, accessories, and everything in between, there\’s bound to be something on there they\’re going to love.

Check out Merchtable\’s gift certificate page here

7. The music of Daft Punk

If you\’re into electronic music, owning a piece of Daft Punk\’s recorded material is never a bad idea. Whether it\’s their old-school house and techno on \”Homework\”, the groundbreaking \”Discovery\”, the Grammy-winning \”Random Access Memories\”, or even their thrilling soundtrack to \”Tron Legacy\”, no other artist defines electronic music in the same manner as Daft Punk.

You can buy all of their recorded material on their Amazon page because those mysterious robots are too slick to sell it on their official website. (There\’s definitely a ton of cool stuff there too).


8. Pioneer HDJ-1500 DJ Headphones

Even if you\’re recipient doesn\’t have an interest in DJing, a good pair of headphones is always appreciated by the audiophile. Having nice speakers is definitely awesome, but headphones allow you to stream the music directly into your brain. There\’s nothing to impede the sound. Personally, I believe there is no better way to listen to music at home. Plus, DJ headphones by nature are designed to be durable and comfortable. If a DJ was spinning an eight hour long extended set, an uncomfortable pair of headphones would be torturous by hour three. Also, you shouldn\’t buy Beats. I don\’t care what you heard, beats are not worth the money. The only reason people like Skrillex use Beats at all is because Beats paid them to be seen wearing their headphones. The fact that Dr.Dre put his name on them and they look like something out of a sci-fi movie doesn\’t mean they provide the best audio or are built well. The HDJ-1500\’s are $159, and Beats Mixr are $250, but the Beats probably offer the same audio quality as the Pioneer HDJ-500\’s which are $89.

Buy the HDJ-1500\’s from Guitar Center here.


9. 2 Pioneer CDJ2000\’s with a DJM-2000NXS

This ones for all you Black Card holders out there. If you wanna DJ like a pro. This is what all the pros use. If you have this set up at home, there will be no difference between that and any nightclub in the country, except for the fact that the nightclub\’s system might be the older version. These CDJs work with laptops running Serato, USB drives, and even CDs if you\’re old-school like that.

You have to buy all three (or five if you want to use 4 decks) parts separately, which will come out to around $6,500 ($2000 for each CDJ and $2500 for the mixer).


10. Festival tickets.

The most obvious gift for any EDM head. You might have to wait a little bit to buy tickets to your recipient\’s favorite festival as it is only December, but think about it like this. If the tickets don\’t go on sale until March or April, you could scold whoever for being too old to get a Christmas gift, causing a feeling of sorrow and insecurity to brew inside them for months. Then when the tickets do go on sale, it\’ll be the best surprise. Whoever is getting the ticket will probably cry and will love you even more than they already did. I know I would.