I think we can all agree that when it comes to art, it usually starts off as an idea that was in some way influenced by someone or something else.  Sometimes one finds inspiration in the craziest of places or in the strangest of things and that\’s what makes art great; there are no rules.  When it comes to the electronic music duo Zeds Dead, they turn to PlayStation games for their very own inspiration.  That\’s right — PlayStation games.

Hooks and DC who make up Zeds Dead recently sat down with PlayStation admitting that the gaming company is a major influence to their music and sound.  DC explained his own process of being in the studio by always going back and forth between making music and playing video games as part of his \”workflow\” routine.  Hooks also chimed in by admitting that the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack has been one of their favorites to listen to.

One that definitely comes to mind is the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack, like that was always really good and I remember how many songs I found out about through that game and games like that.  It would be cool to come full circle and have kids find out about us through a game.

Watch what else Zeds Dead had to say in the entire interview below.