Our latest technology feature comes to you from the world of Splice, the online producer\’s platform that\’s been revolutionizing project sharing and collaboration as we know it. The site\’s latest development features a vast sample library of over 500K sounds, all with the ability to be auditioned, downloaded, and inserted into your latest mix as needed. Think of it as an aggregate source for samples and sample packs. Whether you\’re seeking inspiration for a new song idea, or the final odds and ends piecing together your latest track, Splice Sounds has you covered.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to try out the service this past month, and found myself immediately delving into a seemingly endless library of production tools. The sounds are well-organized, searchable, and quick to download. Splice makes it easy for you to find what you\’re looking for immediately, or explore endlessly.  Browse by instrument type and sub genre, and filter results by key and BPM. Sounds can be \”liked\” for future reference, or downloaded immediately to your computer. Play sounds as many times as you want with no obligation to download; each has unlimited auditions.

There are times where I could easily kill an hour of free time exploring the library without direction; and doing so felt fun and addictive, like an online game. But sometimes with so many sounds to choose from, browsing the library can feel overwhelming as well. Splice\’s newest feature in Sounds aims to bring out collections of the \”best of\”\” with sound repacking. Having the ability to take individual sounds from  separate packs and combine them under any given theme for public or personal use allows for organizational customizability. Furthermore, Splice has partnered with established artists such as the Stafford Brothers and KJ Sawka so users can get a producer\’s perspective on how to structure their own sound banks when they get started.

Splice Sounds has something to offer both the amateur and experienced producer in all realms of production. The monthly subscription service starts at $7.99/month for 100 download credits, which rollover for a 3 month period. For more information check out the Splice Sounds introductory video below, and get on board with this innovative approach to sound implementation and production today!