The garden is the most beautiful decoration of our house. There are many beautiful houses, but usually the beauty of the garden is that it makes us stop and take a better look. And we all like to go to that friend who has an oasis of greenery in his yard. If you too have decided to have something like that behind your house, that is very nice. But it also takes a lot of effort and time to make everything look neat. Pruning is one of the most important garden jobs because it affects the beauty and health of plants. And these are plants that are perennial, so mistakes will cost you much more than mistakes you make with flowers. So you need to have the right knowledge and tools to do everything right. We will tell you what are the must have pruning tools, as well as what are the main reasons why you need to do it regularly.

Essential tools

1. Pruning shears

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You will most often find this tool under the name shears, but it is also called clippers and secateurs. There are also different types, which have different purposes. Basically, it is an indispensable part of garden equipment that you need for various tasks, but above all for pruning. It will be useful for bushes, flowers, vines, and even trees and other plants with thicker branches. Let us also explain to you what different types there are. Anvil type is primarily used for dry branches and straight cuts. Bypasses are the most popular and face scissors, they have a very wide application. Ratchets have a very specific look and cut differently than you are used to, and are most useful for people who have problems with hands and wrists. If you are buying only one type, then choose a bypass. And if you want to do everything as good as possible, then all three types will be useful to you.

2. Saw

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When it comes to pruning thicker branches, then you need an electric saw. But it has to be a special saw designed for it, not a heavy-duty chainsaw. This type of saw usually has blades that can be changed, depending on what you need at that moment. It is used for thicker branches, but also for hard-to-reach places, where it is difficult to use a scissor lever. You need to maintain and sharpen the blades regularly to make it work properly for as long as possible. Because this is a power tool, it requires a little more maintenance than a mechanical one.

3. Long-reach pruner

At certain times you will need a long-reach pruner, instead of shears and saw. When the branch is high, but it is not difficult to reach it, so you do not need a saw, then this is an ideal option. It is essentially shears only on the long pole so you can reach higher heights. You may also find it more convenient to trim bushes that are leaning against a wall, for example. So don’t fail to invest in this tool.

4. Hedge shears

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A tool made exactly for hedges, shrubs and bushes. If you have never seen what it looks like, it is best to describe it as very large scissors, which have straight blades. The blades are straight so you can get any shape of the hedge and bushes you want. There are manuals and electrics, and your choice should depend on how many hedges you have. For smaller areas, manual ones will be more than enough, but if, say, your entire yard is surrounded by such plants, then consider electric ones. Since they are very strong, they can also be used for cutting smaller branches.

5. Chainsaw

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If you want to maintain your shrubs and your trees completely on your own, then you also need a chainsaw. There are two types, one running on electricity and the other on gasoline. Gasoline one is usually intended for professionals, so electricity will be sufficient for your needs. However, be careful with two reasons. The first reason is your safety because the chainsaw itself and the tree can injure you. And secondly, be careful not to damage the tree, because it takes a lot of knowledge not to damage it. Tree surgery is something to be left to the arborists. Find more about tree surgery at

6. Protective equipment


No less important than previous tools is that you have protective equipment. First of all, protective gloves, because it can happen that you cut yourself or that a thorn gets stuck in your hand. Never work in slippers, but in stable shoes, preferably reinforced boots. Goggles are also important because the sawdust will fly around while you work. It is important to have all that so that you can work unhindered and not get injured.

Importance of pruning

After the essential tools, it is also important to know how important pruning is.

Plant health

It is actually a process by which you maintain plant hygiene. You cut off all the dead parts, as well as the damaged ones, which divert the nutrients from the healthy part of the plant. In this way, you also prevent the further spread of a disease that has affected the plant. All of this will promote the growth of the plant.

Maintaining the appearance

Whether you have bushes or trees, you don’t want it to look like in the woods, but you want it to have a nice shape. Of course, it will often happen that the branches grow in different directions and that is why it is necessary to prune regularly in order to keep the look like in the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Size reduction

Sometimes it happens that the plant is completely healthy and that no branch requires pruning, but it still grows too much. That’s why it doesn’t fit in your garden or it can even cause danger if they get involved in electrical installations.

Hazard prevention

If the plant grows uncontrollably, it can become dangerous to you and your surroundings. During a storm, it can fall on the roof or damage electrical installations. It can also fall on someone and cause serious injury.

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With our guide, it will be easy for you to make the purchase of all the essential tools for pruning your bushes and all other plants in the yard. We have also shown you the main reasons why you should not neglect this job.