When you have already opened this article to read it, you are probably at the beginning of a new relationship or you have been in a relationship for a long time. So, now you’re probably slowly falling into a closed loop of more serious challenges looking for a way to deal with it. Nothing out of the ordinary. All couples in the world face various periods of crisis. The most important thing is to understand the root of the problem and to strive for a higher goal together. Sometimes too high expectations and comparing our love story with the one from romantic movies can lead us in the wrong direction. And then, one morning we just get hit in the head by the fact that reality doesn’t look exactly like that. This isn’t the time to get up and run away, but to change your perspective. Start with yourself and your mistakes, and then start working with your partner to correct the common ones.

Below are some of the biggest challenges faced by many couples in long-term relationships. If you’ve already thought you should give up, think again.

1. Jealousy

Source: The Independent

Jealousy is perhaps one of the greatest enemies of all relationships. You might think that this phase was overcome in the first year of dating. But, it’s a surprising fact that this feeling can be present for a long time, even when a guy and a girl gain trust in each other. This is because some people find it harder to fight jealousy than others.

A person who really loves will surely feel jealous someday. But even when you feel it, make sure it’s justified. Removing all his female friends from his life forever, because you are convinced that he is Antonio Banderas, for whom they all went crazy, is definitely not the solution. And that is a sign that the problem is in you. That “sixth sense” can still make mistakes sometimes.

When you realize that your doubts are justified, the only real solution is to talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend about it. Say clearly and loudly what bothers you, what you don’t want to watch, what actions you didn’t like, and try to find a common solution.

2. Infidelity

Source: Therapy Lounge

Infidelity is, unfortunately, an increasingly common occurrence in society. Infidelity has intervened everywhere, from teenage relationships to marriages that last for several years. As a reason, people point out various dissatisfactions and unfulfillments that they feel with their current partners. Whatever the reason, what is certain is the fact that it is an emotional and physical betrayal that someone can forgive, while others believe that there is no justification for such an action.

Research has shown that women are more prone to emotional cheating, while men cheat out of sexual needs. When they can’t get what they need from their emotional partners, many go in search of someone who will meet their needs.

Whether you will blame the one who was unfaithful or the one who was cheated on, as well as whether you can forgive it or not, is up to you to judge depending on the situation.

3. Sexual problems

Source: OrissaPOST

Sexual routine can really lead to problems that later result in great dissatisfaction, quarrels, or infidelity. The predictable and boring moments after a few years together aren’t even similar to the passionate ones from the beginning. In the early stages, partners show more tenderness and desire for each other. However, with the accumulation of obligations, there is increased frustration, which results in problems in bed.

But this is definitely not a reason for breakup or infidelity. Keep in mind that this is most likely just a passing crisis phase. Don’t let this problem be neglected. Take the time to solve it. Talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend about whether you could change something in that field and try to work on it together.

After all, if you can’t manage your sexual routine on your own, you can always seek professional help. The therapist will be able to suggest some professional solutions depending on your case. We know that it isn’t always so pleasant and that couples would like the most if they could find a solution for it alone, between their four walls. In that case, Remainly may have a suggestion for you. It’s never too late, as long as both sides want it.

4. Poor communication

Source: M’Ton Couple

Good communication is the key to maintaining any relationship. Sometimes communication can be great at first, but over time it gets lost when we start trying to read each other’s minds, doubting the truth of what is being said. In the absence of meaningful and quality communication, disagreements can easily occur, which will later lead to endless discussions that will be repeated several times. Sometimes it seems as if it’s impossible to find a solution because the partners find it difficult to agree.

As long as you are both ready to see where the root of bad communication is and try to find a solution, you will be able to overcome it. Where one person doesn’t show a desire to improve things together, it’s clear that you cannot strive for a better future with him/her.

First, start with yourself and try to understand what you are doing wrong. And then agree to practice communicating with each other.

5. Boredom

Source: PsychAlive

Most partners who have spent many years together come to a point that they interpret as oversaturation and boredom. Everyday life becomes routine, you reduce evening outings and trips due to a large number of obligations and simply remain stuck in a rut that lasts. Don’t worry and don’t despair because many have been in such a situation at least once.

People who compare life to adventure find it even harder to bear moments like this, but the point is to fight them and the feeling that lies to you that you are no longer in love. This can sometimes be a circus tightrope. Some will fall easily, while some will continue to walk on it.

If you feel dissatisfied due to a lack of excitement and want something to change in your life together, to introduce some new activities, do not keep silent about it. React immediately to regain the dynamism that brought you together as soon as possible.

Remember that you are the only guardian of your emotions and try to control them. You can find an adequate solution for every problem and crisis in a long relationship, as long as you both want it. But if that desire doesn’t exist, then it isn’t worth the effort.