It\’s no surprise to festival goers that making experiential purchases trumps buying material things when it comes to happiness. When this study came out, the first thing we thought of was live music events, particularly festivals. Well, another study has come out and has a clear focus on communal music experiences.

According to the recent study from researchers at Australia\’s Victoria’s Deakin University, those who attend these types of events regularly are experiencing higher levels of satisfaction with their lives. The survey conducted included 1,000 Australians.

One of the main focuses of the study that is emphasized is the \”communal\” part. Don\’t get us wrong, going to a concert alone can be a great experience. It allows you to take in the music your own way, at your own pace and awakens a refreshing sense of independence. However, nothing beats a music festival with your squad and the study validates that.

Perhaps we can take this as a hint to add even more shows to our calendars? We think yes. You can read further into the study here.

Photo via Insomniac.