Welcome to the nineteenth edition of Viva La Bass, a weekly playlist dedicated to showcasing innovative, avant-garde, and timeless bass music. This week\’s compilation is dedicated to a question that I recently asked a friend, \’Can someone listen to every contemporary artist of their time period?\” The response I received was a stern negative, because there are honestly so many creators out there that are driven by passion and soul. It\’s beautiful to think that there is a continuous stream of musical creation happening out there. That\’s enough food for thought, time to get down to business or bass in this case.

5. Hecka – Synthetic Soul

Hecka is a Salt Lake City-based producer that has been pushing the boundaries of trap for a while now, but recently he cleared all of his Soundcloud tracks. He replaced them with two amazing tunes and this is one of them. Hecka is definitely up to something, don\’t snooze.

4. Razat – The Upside Down

Razat is an artist with a simple message : Fuck genres. The track below was featured on the Shadow Phoenix Network.

3. Meso – Thought

Meso is representing the Windy City in an awesome way with his hybrid sound. This up and coming producer definitely deserves attention.

2. Zeplinn – Amnesia

Zeplinn is an artist from North Carolina and he was inspired to make music because of his father\’s DJ career. Beautiful.

1. Joker – G Shit

This comes from Joker\’s new XXIV Bit EP Kapsize 019. You need to know Joker, end of story. Viva La Bass.