With only 16 days left until EDC Orlando, Insomniac has officially started shipping out wristbands to all those attending this year\’s festival. If I were you, I would start over-obsessively checking your mailbox because these wristbands are your ticket into the festival. One of the first social media wristband sightings was on @BlkoutMerch Twitter account on Sunday. This puts the excitement for this installment of the festival in full force.

The picture display shows a VIP wristband with a new design and color, completely different than last year\’s wristband. The picture also displays a card that is for a free $20.00 Uber ride, and the front clearly shows Uber is working with EDC Orlando this year to heighten the festival experience. The question is, are Uber cards only for VIP headliners, or are they for all headliners? Either way, it is still a generous and thoughtful way to give attendees free uber rides to keep them safe. So keep an eye out headliners because it is not much longer until we are all Under the Electric Sky again.


Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Facebook