If you are throwing a party, there’s a lot to think about. Certainly, there is the invite list and the music that you need to choose for the event. These two might be the most important things to consider. However, there are some other factors as well.

What are you going to do about food and drinks? Furthermore, are you going to host a party in your home, or rent a place where you can throw it and have everything at the ready?

And last but not least, you need to take photos. To make this a memorable event, make sure that you take photographs and distribute those to everyone who attended so that they can look back to it with joy.

In this article, we are going to talk about what you can do about photo booths and offer some of the creative photo booth ideas and suggestions for your party. Keep on reading for more information.


Consider Photo Booth Hire

There’s no reason for you to think and make entire booths for photos. This can take you too much time and money and it may not end up as you envisioned it. Moreover, you need to focus on some of the other things regarding the party.

Sometimes, there’s not enough time.

Instead of worrying about creating a booth from scratch, look for a photo booth hire a Melbourne supplier such as lavishphotobooths. They have different photo booth designs and all you need to check their website and contact them if you need more information, or simply book it for the event.

Now, if you want to make your booth unique and you think that it is better to DIY, consider some of the creative ideas below:

1. Neon Lights

If you are throwing a party somewhere in a club, you can use the neon lights for your photo background. Of course, this is if there are any neon lights in the hallway. It goes without saying that your images will be magnificent and you can enjoy every second of a photo shoot.


2. Chalkboard backdrop

One of the most creative backdrops that you can get for your photos is the chalkboard backdrop. This kind of photo booth opens up a lot of options in terms of what you want to write or draw behind it.

If you know someone who is artistic and knows how to draw, assign them this task and come up with some amazing solutions. The beauty of this kind of improvised booth is that it is trendy and quite inexpensive.

For a small amount of cash, you can get a completely customizable booth and design it according to your taste. What more can you ask from a DIY booth?

3. Balloon Background

Speaking of inexpensive and improvised photo booths, you might consider getting some balloons and putting them on the wall behind you.

This is a great solution if you are throwing a party at home and you want to have nice pictures. The beauty of such a photo booth is that you can get balloons in different colors that you will choose and arrange them in the shape that you want.

This will not take a lot of time and once the photo session ends, you can either leave them or take them down if you want. There will not be a lot of cleaning afterwards, which is another plus.


4. Neon Signs

Another amazing idea would be to add a neon sign in the back. Choosing what it says on a neon sign may depend on the occasion, but you can find almost anything. Some stores even make custom-made signs that are more expensive, but you will get what you want in terms of shape, font, color and size.

5. Wooden Pallet Photo Booth

If you have a couple of old wooden pallets you can use them to create your own personalized photo booth.

First of all, this may turn out to be a bigger project, so bear with us. Secondly, it can be an amazing photo booth for outdoor parties. You can welcome guests, take a picture with the when they arrive and escort them to their seats. This might even be a wedding photo booth idea!

Whatever the occasion is, you will need a couple of wooden pallets that you will arrange vertically and support them so they don’t fall. What you get is a wooden “wall” that you can decorate as you wish.

You can put some lights on top of it together with some ornaments. In front, you may place the chairs if you want to sit or just use your imagination and do what you feel best. Express yourself with this project. Not only will you get amazing photos, you will also have a photo booth for future parties!


6. Instagram Frame

Instagram is all about taking pictures and showing it to the world. Why wouldn’t you take the famous Instagram frame and make it real size? You can either place the frame somewhere while you gather to take photos, or someone can hold it, tilt it to the size, or turn it the other way around.

This should be a fun experience, so give yourself freedom to do as you wish!

7. Vintage Frame

If you aren’t much of a tech geek and you’ve had enough of Instagram (we feel you), you can use a vintage photo frame instead of the Instagram one. This gives your photos another dimension and it has that classic old photo vibe.

You can either look for these massive frames in store or you can make and paint one from wood. Either way, your photos will look outstanding and it will be such a unique idea everyone will love.



We’ve provided 7 DIY creative phone booth ideas for you to use freely. However, we’ve also guided you towards some professional booths in case you are planning a more serious event. What do you think would be some other amazing photo booths?