The neon lights have been with us for decades, and when we think of them, we think about big shows, important games, and huge names in pop culture. The reason why we always relate one to the other is that it has made an impact on us without us even knowing it. No matter if it was a marketing trick that was well thought, or if it was something that happened by mistake and stayed in the world, we know that neon lights had made our lives better, brighter, and more memorable. In this article, we are going to talk about the ways these lights made a mark in pop culture, and why people still choose to go with them when they want someone to recognize their brand and business.

1. Burst of color

Source: SUN English

The first way how neon signs made a mark in pop culture is with the burst of color. When we think about these signs, the first thing we remember are the bright hues including yellow, green, blue, and pink.

They have become a trademark of many different industries, and they can be seen in pretty much every movie. No matter if they are right in our faces, or if they are put somewhere in the background of a random scene, we notice them. They have helped artists from all around the world make themselves noticed, and some people even incorporate them into their clothes or glasses. The burst of color is a great way to get people to notice you, and artists really do know how to use that to their advantage.

2. Memorable design

Source: FORÇ Magazine

One of the biggest advantages of these signs, even nowadays is that you can change them in any way you want to get the design you need. We know that huge brands have created their own logos based on the neon lights, and right now, you can list at least three names of brands that have used them without having to even think about it.

The fact that we are free to choose anything we want, gives us additional creativity and that has been extremely used in pop culture. No matter if we are talking about the entertainment industry, or big sports games, anything can be created with these signs and colors.

According to Neonicons, the best-LED signs are handcrafted, and you can easily install them anywhere in your home you want. Even though they are mainly recognized as a part of the entertainment industry, they are still used in stores, restaurants, and private residencies.

3. The lights are here to stay


We know that trends come and go, but when it comes to LED signs, they are here to stay. When we think about the past, we can remember them as a trademark in the 80s, we know them from the 90s, and they are still here to stay.

They are one of the few constants that have stayed in the entertainment industry for decades, and it is said that this won’t change in the future. We may get different designs, we may choose to go with something that is minimalistic, but the need for these signs will always stay.

As technology advances, and as trends change, these signs are only being updated and made better, but they are for sure going to continue leaving their mark not only in pop culture but in many other industries as well.

4. You can find them anywhere

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It is said that the LED signs are extremely durable, easy to install anywhere, they have a wide operating range, and they are cheap, and easy to maintain. Because of these reasons, they have been used everywhere around us. They have been used as props in movie scenes, part of concerts, and even huge shops and restaurants.

They are helping businesses get recognized, and they help artists get remembered. The fact that these units are easy to recognize no matter the time of day, and they are cost-efficient to run 24/7 makes them additionally interesting in pop culture. Nowadays, you can find these signs pretty much everywhere around you, so the next time you do something fun, try to look for them, and see how many you can notice even when you just leave your home.

5. A way to prove a point

Source: Evaneos

We are all used to traditional marketing tricks, and we usually forget that there are so many other ways for big names to get us to notice. When we talk about pop culture, we think about entertainment, including movies and music, but there are other things like sports, fashion, technology, and even some types of politics that fall under this category.

The biggest mark that neon lights made in pop culture is that brands are and were able to prove their point, and get people to notice their business without having to do much. With the combination of interesting design and colors, in addition to those signs being installed pretty much everywhere, we notice big names and we get attracted to certain brands.

The same thing is happening with all the industries, and we sometimes tend to not notice it until it is embedded in the back of our minds. We tend to trust brands we can recognize, and when we can see all the neon signs around us, we remember the brand and we are more likely to choose it for our next purchase.

Neon lights are a part of our lives, and they are here to stay. They are a great way to get your name out in the open, they will help people notice your brand, and they are the best way to do subtle marketing. There are a lot of benefits that come from these signs, and that is why they have been used in many parts of pop culture.

If you are interested in getting some of the industry in your room, you can do that by putting LED signs in your home. Know that they don’t have to be too bright or too big, and nowadays, you can choose your own design depending on the things you want and need.