Tomorrowland is one of the biggest -if not THE biggest- EDM festival in the world. Tomorrowland was just last weekend, and people from all over the world went to Belgium to experience the majestic TomorrowLand. EDM lovers danced and enjoyed themselves in the one of the most prestigious festivals one can go to.


Last Saturday, Ookay asked a simple, but complicated question about Tomorrowland on Twitter:



That\’s a good question that many of us don\’t know the answer to. Anytime an American raver goes to a festival, tutu\’s, fuzzies, kandi and creative costumes are the norm.


These trends are so engraved in American EDM/rave culture that ravers tend to think that this trend is worldwide; in fact this trend is exclusive to America. If you go to any festival or show outside America, you will not find the same fuzzies and kandi as you would in America; in fact most of the world does not partake in these trends.

A fellow tweeter and Pasquale Rotella answered Ookay\’s question:



Apparently, the eclectic rave fashion came from the underground scene, specifically from Southern California. Ever since the early 90\’s, rave culture boomed, making its own unique footprint in American music history. As EDM molded, so did its the rave fashion, thus today\’s fuzzies, tutu, glitter, kandi fashion. Thanks for clarifying Pasquale!