The former First Lady Michelle Obama has a documentary titled Becoming, just like her book title. During her book tour, she revealed some interesting facts and details from her time spent at the White House. She shared with Stephen Colbert, “I didn’t know what the residence part of it [the White House] looked like. But I do know when I went to visit and have tea with Laura Bush, there were butlers there, fully-dressed in tuxedos, which they wore all the time, most of them African-American and Latino older men.”

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Her daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama were just 10 and 7 years old at the time, and Michelle knew she had to do something to make them feel comfortable, but at the same time to live their lives as nothing has changed. “What I spent a lot of time thinking about was ‘How do I make this mansion with butlers and staff feel like a home for two little girls? I didn’t want them [my daughters] growing up thinking that grown African-American men served them in tuxedos,” said the former First Lady. She made the staff feel more comfortable with the new change in outfits, and she told the housekeepers not to do all the work. “These girls have to learn how to clean their own rooms and make their beds and do their laundry. You cannot do this every day because they will not live here forever. And I am not raising kids who don’t know how to make a bed.’

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Malia and Sasha weren’t pleased with the newfound situation, as they saw housekeeper making Michelle’s bed, but she had a great comeback. “And it’s like, ‘Because I’m the First Lady and I have a degree,'” stating that she earned in her life everything by herself, and now she can enjoy things like someone else making your bed.

Both Malia and Sasha love their mom, and they had nothing but kind words to say about her in the documentary. “I’m excited for her to be proud of what she’s done. Because I think that that’s the most important thing for a human to do, is be proud of themselves,” shared Sasha.