Luxley’s new EP “Chromatics has come out, and we’re overjoyed. Luckily we get the details in full about this new EP from the man himself.

Most people write by sound. Luxley, however, writes by color. This is because he has Chromasthesia, a condition that causes him to unconsciously associate sounds with colors.

This condition is the driving force behind his latest EP “Chromatics” (March 22), which seeks to encapsulate the experience of Chromasthesia and the raw emotions that arise from it, which range from euphoric to bittersweet and everything in between. Each and every track that appears on this EP has been arranged by color and these colors that Luxley sees are expressed on the EP artwork itself.

For Luxley, the biggest driving force behind this record is wanting others to see the colors that he sees and thus ”Chromatics” offers a compelling insight into the mindset and creative process of Luxley and his unique condition.

Luxley writes:

The songs are arranged by the colors that I see, and the track artwork corresponds to the colors that I see when hearing the songs. As for my current whereabouts, I’m a full-time bartender, cocktail maker, and sommelier at a restaurant in New Orleans. I am the sole investor in theLuxleyproject. Looking forward, I am all-the-more thrilled about the musical landscapes that I will be created during my lifetime and all the people that will step into them with me.

It’s refreshing to see an artist with a true vision for his craft, no pun intended. Some songs are released blindly with no real passion behind it, but you can certainly hear it in this EP. Take a listen for yourself below.

Listen to Luxley’s Chromatics EP