Swedish musician Leonell Cassio continues to push the boundaries of creativity in todays electronic music. His newest single “Rotten” with Sarah Hemi proves just that. This track takes you on a deep journey about regret before building up to an impressive future bass drop. Leonell Cassio is nearing perfection with a style that many call “Emotional Bass”, with “Rotten” being his latest masterpiece. Listening to this track only scratches the surface of the deeper meaning inside the song. Read what Leonell Cassio himself has to say about the track.

” ‘Rotten’ is about once when I was in a park with a friend – we ran into some older kids that we didn’t particularly like but we were hanging out. One thing led to another and I ended up doing something I deeply regret. 

In this moment I realized I was just as rotten as the guys I was criticizing earlier. I was ashamed and disgusted by myself  for what I did but I needed to get it off my chest, so I wrote this paradoxical and cryptical song to tell my story. For me, ‘Rotten’ represents one of my deeply held regrets…”

 -Lionell Cassio

Take the deep journey yourself and listen to “Rotten” below: