When it comes to Christmas time no one can feel happier, it’s a time for joy and giving. Millions of homes will be decorated to the nines and lights will shine throughout our neighborhoods. Families from around the world compete to have the best light shows and decorations. It has become a rather competitive tradition and the Johnson family has outdone themselves this year. The family from Texas has created the ultimate light show by syncing their lights to dubstep. The lights flash in rhythm to such songs, as Frozen\’s \”Let It Go\” and Skrillex’s “Bangarang.\” Not only do the lights flicker and move with varying rhythms but the windows even contain holograms you would see at shows. For anyone who loves dubstep, this house kills it! The Johnson family has remixed the meaning of Christmas but in the best way possible! As much as this house stuns its audience, it also serves as a means for charity. Viewers are encouraged to submit pledges to Living Water International, which is an organization that strives to provide clean drinking water to other countries.  The Johnson’s are competing on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” where viewers are encouraged to text in their pledges for this amazing cause.

You can see the epic display down below, enjoy!


Source: Johnson Family Light Show 

Photo Credit: MyMerryChristmas