I\’ve come to tell you that there is indeed hope for humanity!

As the dance music world erupts with negativism regarding drug use and irresponsibility, it\’s always nice to see a moment where everything pessimistic is put away and we\’re allowed to appreciate the love and unity.

Here in this video taken at TomorrowWorld last week, we see a girl signing the lyrics of Gareth Emery\’s popular track \”U\” to her friend who is unable to hear the beautiful vocals. Emery himself posted a 15-second clip of the full video on his Facebook.

Emery\’s caption describes this moment: this is what the dance music spirit is all about. It\’s refreshing to talk about the good things rather than media outlets discussing the bad; this is a REALLY good thing. It sets an example to those weary of the whole \”EDM\” explosion; maybe this whole thing isn\’t so bad, maybe some people ruin it for us all.