As many of you may have known, on September 8th Avicii canceled all his tour dates, including TomorrowWorld, to heal properly from his previous gallbladder/appendix removal back in March. In his recent interview with Billboard he speaks about how he is trying to slow it down. This break from EDM was crucial for producer Avicii. Since 2012 he has been dealing with medical issues from acute pancreatitis to gallbladder removal, and in that period of time Avicii has never really taken the proper amount of time off to heal fully. He was still spending long hours in the studio and touring. In his interview he said,

\”I\’m going to try to slow it down. Taking a break was the absolute best thing I\’ve done. I\’m doing better and better.\”

During his time off Avicii has been doing what he loves most,working on his album. On October 3rd he released his new single \’The Days\’ which is not quite like anything we\’ve seen from this artist before.  He is taking on a new 1980\’s rock approach to his music. Although, there is no projected date to when Avicii will be returning to the EDM scene we are glad that his health is improving!