Halloween VII

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a very spooky szn indeed.┬áIf you’re an RL Grime fan, you already know what this time of the year means. For those that don’t know- it means it’s time for the annual Halloween mix he blesses our ears with. Each mix gets better and better, really showcasing RL’s growing talent. This year is no different. With it being the seventh in the mix series, Halloween VII tops the rest by far. It’s the perfect combination of his most recent album, Nova, mixed with other great songs we all love. There’s also a sample of remixes we’ve never heard mixed in there. The added spookiness and Halloween-related songs makes for the perfect mix to listen to on this holiday.

Do yourself a favor and spice up your night by listening to Halloween VII. Whether you’re getting ready to go out and celebrate the holiday, or just preparing yourself to watch scary movies all night, you can’t go wrong with this mix. Take a listen below.

Last, but definitely not least, just in case anyone needs any Halloween costume ideas for tonight…