GRiZ has done it again. He is a music making machine. While being on tour the past few months for his most recent album, Ride Waves, his creativity has been at it’s peak. Out of what seems like nowhere, GRiZ dropped a new EP into the world yesterday. Bangers[1].Zip is a 3-piece compilation of funky bangers that are bound to get any crowd amped up. His normal style includes soulful, yet funky and fun tunes that really bring a sense of love and happiness over listeners. However, this time around, GRiZ isn’t playing around. Bangers is the only way to describe this EP, so the name is quite fitting. Everyone loves a good drop and a dubstep tune, and he really delivers that with this EP.

GRiZ also announced his Ride Waves: Round Two tour that will take place this fall. Be sure to check out his website for all tour dates and tickets. You don’t want to miss this guy – he’s absolutely killing it.