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The modern bathroom is no longer just a place where we have to take our baths and showers and perform other personal functions. For many homeowners, it’s more than this – and if you have the same viewpoint, you may be wondering what you can do to make your bathroom a more attractive place.

Whilst a significant renovation may be recommended, it doesn’t have to be this drastic. Renovations will cost a lot, and honestly, who has time for a complete bathroom renovation?

As the experts will confirm, you can still easily give your bathroom a makeover without having to renovate, although the big question is: how? Well, here are the answers to your questions on how you can make your bathroom a much more attractive place for your needs.

1. Add a splash of colour

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Many bathrooms are in white, and whilst white is an altogether attractive and standard colour for bathrooms, you may want to give your bathroom a splash of colour by painting one wall in a bolder and brighter shade. Alternatively, you can paint your cupboards and cabinetry in a bold hue, such as terracotta or even red, or aquamarine or taupe. A splash of colour can give your bathroom more personality, and it can also evoke more charm.

2. Start small

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Making a change in your bathroom’s appearance needn’t be a significant endeavour or hefty investment. You can start small, and you can begin by changing your shower curtain if you have one. Invest in a new shower curtain or two, and change the rings from acrylic or plastic to something more luxurious, such as polished metal. This can already give the room a more sophisticated appeal.

Next, you can change other small elements, such as plain towels to plush towels, softer bathroom rugs, and even your soap dish (plastic to ceramic is always a good choice). The trick is to replace small items you use daily with their more luxurious versions, and you can instantly savour the difference. If you want something extra luxurious, why not add textile or artwork to your bathroom? Some bathroom owners have placed antique carpets on their bathroom flooring to give it more character, and you can also put up some framed photos on the walls to give the room more pizzazz.

3. Change the vanity and other elements

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If you think it’s about time you replaced that old and dingy vanity or that old toilet with a new one, consider going for a pre-made vanity unit or even an entire suite. Modern vanity suites and units abound, and for this, you can check out, which has an array of different designs and styles that are sure to be a good fit for your bathroom.

They come in various colours and finishes too, and even if you have a tight bathroom space, you can opt for smaller vanity units or more compact bathroom suites with combination basins and toilets.

4. Consider changing the showerhead

Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of a nice shower, so here’s another thing you can do: upgrade your shower head. This doesn’t cost much, but it can make a whole lot of difference to your shower experience. Go for a rain showerhead which gives you the feeling of being in a spa, and you can even go for a dual unit with a rain shower head plus a detachable sprayer.

5. Get rid of the clutter

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This may be an obvious thing, but you’d be surprised at how clutter can drastically change the feel of your bathroom. Instead of stepping into a room that’s pleasant and peaceful, you find yourself in the middle of chaos. It’s a simple thing, but it makes a big difference, and if you can do away with it, so much the better.

If you find that you’ve accumulated a tonne of stuff in your bathroom – from empty perfume and shampoo bottles to hair and skin products you no longer use, it’s time to toss it. Make a regular schedule of tossing products and toiletries you no longer use and find a good place where you can store those you do use, such as shelves on the walls or underneath your new vanity unit.

6. Add some delightful scents

Speaking of small, you can also add more charm to your bathroom – and make it a much more beautiful-smelling place – with some delightful scents. Why not place a diffuser on top of the counter or the side of your vanity, or put a vase of flowers on the window sill or a corner table? Aside from this, you can pick out specially-scented hand soaps with citrus or floral scents, and add an aromatherapy candle or two. You can certainly get the most out of having a fresh- and clean-smelling bathroom, and bath time will never be the same again.

7. Bring nature in

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Another way you can spruce up your bathroom and add life (literally!) to the space is by bringing nature in. We’re speaking about plants, of course, and a few potted plants placed strategically in the corners or on top of the shelves and even toilet space can do wonders. You can even hang a few plants from the ceiling (ferns are always a good choice). If there isn’t much natural lighting in the bathroom, you can always go for faux plants such as palms and the like. Plants are beneficial in other ways, too – they can oxygenate the space and even draw toxins from the air.

8. Showcase your creativity and personality with artwork

Who says artwork is just for bedrooms and other living spaces? Your bathroom can do with some artwork, too, and it’s a brilliant way to show off your personality and creativity. You can opt for pieces that are more affordable, such as framed prints that won’t suffer from the extra humidity.

9. Transform the space with a mirror

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Whilst your bathroom may already have a mirror from when it was built, it may be time to replace it and level it up with a fabulous new decorative mirror. If you replace that generic, dingy mirror with something more modern and high-end, it can instantly change the space and make your bathroom look a lot more elegant.