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The model industry changed a lot throughout the years, and as time passes, beauty is seen in all shapes and sizes. We have witnessed plus-size models, transgender models, with unique skin, or with extraordinary looks, but you might have never seen a gender-nonconforming model. reports that Rain Dove is an American model and actor, and you may be confused that the 30-year-old can look both like man and woman.

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Dove regularly tries to raise body positivity and awareness on official Instagram account, but gets more hate than deserved, and doesn’t seem to be bothered.

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“Use she, he, it, one, they … I honestly don’t care … All I’m listening for in that sound is positivity,” Rain once said to The Guardian, and media usually uses the pronoun “they.”

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“Sometimes when castings look at me, I feel like they see some kind of token for their show. But you know what? I’ll take it,” the gender-nonconforming model said to Teen Vogue.

“Modeling is also the first job I’ve ever had where it’s my job to love myself,” Rain added.

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One interesting thing about Dove is that they were dating a famous Charmed star, Rose McGowan. The relationship seemed loving and supporting, but after Dove admitted to cheating on Rose several times, McGowan then stated that she wants to forget and erase the relationship that they had.

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Happy anniversary my love. @rosemcgowan We’ve survived a hell of a year! Thank You for swimming upstream even when the currents challenged You to give up and disappear. Thank You for encouraging me to continue to live and to fight. Thank You for inspiring me to set boundaries. Many people have threatened to hurt You for being with me. Many people have threatened to hurt me for being with You. People who don’t get us- and sometimes even people from our own community. Yet You still hold my hand in public, boldly steal kisses from me on the street, and fall asleep in my arms on the train. You’re the easiest part of my life and I am grateful we got the privilege of finding each other. For the first 5 months I started off being labeled your “Mystery Man” in everything from Daily Mail to TMZ. People who thought I was a “man” said I was “brave for dating You”. But when they found out that I am a being of no gender or sexuality label they then told You that You were the brave one. Bravery requires fear and so we laughed because the nights are only fearful when we are apart. You told me that You wanted to go to World Pride this year but Youre scared that people would not accept You. I’ve seen how hard you’ve tried to be a part of the lgbtqpiad community- but I want You to know You ARE ALREADY a part because You are queer. I fell in love with You because of the way that You care. You do so much work behind the scenes people don’t know about. You meet quietly on your own dime with trans youth & people struggling to find their power. You give to marginalized activists & spend hours listening to people who represent communities needing be heard. You make mistakes and still try to make a difference even when people tried to cancel You. You’re one of the strongest beings I know. I’m proud to be with You and I love You. Here’s to another revolution around the sun together! If anyone has any problems with us being together or you feel any ill will towards me or my partner this is your time for answers. I’m happy to address any grievances You may have or concerns. I’m not afraid. I’m not hiding. #SmallFry #lovewins #lgbtq #genderfluid #genderqueer #rosemcgowan #pride

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