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A student, 23, from Belfast, who is addicted to illegal tanning jobs, says she is often “mistaken for a black girl” because of her extremely tanned body.

Hannah Tittensor grew her Instagram account to 44.3k followers but has hardly over a hundred posts. Her incredible body shape and extra tanned skin is leaving everyone breathless.

She became obsessed when she was just a teenager. Her boyfriend and her brother were the first to show Hannah the power of tanning beds and melanotan injections. Melanotan is a synthetic hormone that boosts the melanin levels in the skin.

Image source: Instagram

Tanning is not the only thing that she does to change her body. She also has a huge number of tattoos and underwent breast augmentation surgery.

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“The only side effect is the first few days of taking it you feel sick, and it sorta suppresses your appetite,” she described.

“Pure and simple, it makes me happy,” she added.

Image source: Instagram

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Hannah also commented on people saying that she wants to be black: “People say I was trying to be a black woman and try and switch races and stuff just because I’m tanning.”

“I don’t care. These people don’t actually know me,” she explained.