turn off the lights

Dog Blood is making a full comeback in 2019, and we are here for it. Right after releasing their mini-mix, “Clap Back Vol 1”, they’ve released their new EP. “Turn Off The Lights” consists of 4 songs total, featuring the likes of josh pan, X&G, and Otira. All songs on the EP are unique in composition, but equally impactful. Each song on  hosts it’s own persona, ranging from ethnic sounds, to some heavy bass, and some house. Various genres create the songs in “Turn Off The Lights”, which makes this EP quite the composition. Not only is it hype, but it’s come in the perfect time for summer and festival season.

Be on the lookout for more Dog Blood appearances this summer, as it’s an experience you definitely don’t want to miss. The return of Dog Blood solidifies that electronic music is progressing in the best way possible.