Ever wondered what Dr. Dre would sound like as a bass producer? Or Scott Storch is he was a DJ? Lucky for you, Dawg’s got you covered with his new single “Get Back”. The Los Angeles based “junkyard bass” producer beautifully blends rap-ready beats and festival energy.

After hearing many remixes by Dawg for artists such as Rihanna, Lil Pump and Drake, “Get Back” surges into the spotlight as Dawg’s first original track. This is the first single off Dawg’s upcoming EP Lockjaw. Read what Dawg has to say about “Get Back” and listen to this groovy single below:

Get Back’ started with me wondering – what would a Dr Dre beat sound like if he was a bass artist? What would Scott Storch do if he was a DJ? I grew up on West Coast hip-hop, and ‘Get Back’ is me channeling that to answer those questions.” – Dawg