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The tragic fate that befell George Floyd shook the public across the United States. They all raised their voice to ensure a secure future and protect themselves from abuse of police positions. Celebrities also spoke out about this happening:

“Being Black in America should not be a death sentence,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stated in his tweet on Tuesday.

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An American actress and producer, Viola Davis, couldn’t stay silent about this heartbreaking incident. She wrote: “We are dictated by hundreds of years of policies that have restricted our very existence and still have to continue to face modern-day lynchings…America will never be great until we can figure out a way for it to work for everybody!!!”

Justin Bieber pointed out: “This must stop…Racism is evil. We need to use our voice!”

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A pregnant hitmaker, Ciara, made sure her voice to be heard too, as she wrote: “My heart can’t take it…There has to be a stopping point in the process of arresting someone. It’s all senseless.”

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Demi Lovato joined too and said: “This is not okay. And it will not stop until everyone does their part. Especially white people. I said it recently, and I’ll say it again, do not let your discomfort surrounding social issues prevent you from speaking up for those in danger.”

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Many stars like Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Metz, Bella Hadid, Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, Justine Skye, and many more also spoke up, fighting against discrimination violence in general.