cafe disko

Cafe Disko, duo made up of experienced artists Patrick and Paul, just released their new single, “Santeria”. The song features vocalist DIVMOND, whose voice pairs perfectly with the light synths throughout. At the beginning of the tune, it brings forth a feeling of familiarity to the original “Santeria” by Sublime. However, Café Disko made it clear these songs are very different. With a steady building intro, the song subtly leads into the build-up to the first drop, which hits you out of nowhere. It’s a melody that makes you bop your head up and down without even noticing. Additionally, the lyrics really resonate with the listener, urging them to let go and lose control. This same message can be applied when listening to the song- just let go and dance away. Take a listen below.

Cafe Disko has been making their presence known within the electronic community. With great release after great release, this guys are definitely worth keeping up with. Be sure to follow their Spotify or Soundcloud page for more music!