Bronze Whale

Today, Bronze Whale graces us with their latest single, “Gold Grain,” via Magic Magic. “Gold Grain” is a vibey song featuring none other than Jet Horns, a perfect artistic pairing in sound. The lyrics depict the grind of following your passions and putting in the hard work it takes to become successful. The track is the perfect pairing of airy vocals from groovy beats, making this one to add to any summer playlist.

Bronze Whale consists of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, an Austin-based duo. They work well together by combining Benny’s smooth vocals with their carefully created synths in each of their compilations. In addition to their talent, Jet Horns adds a flare to this song that makes it all come together perfectly. Listen to “Gold Grain” below, and keep up with their releases on their SoundCloud page.