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Yes, it is nice to see when breast implants are done well, and plastic surgeons are earning more than we can imagine, but did you know that sometimes they can even save lives? Crazy, but true! Here are some examples:

1.Your Personal Airbag

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A Brazillian media celebrity, Sheyla Hershey, revealed her traumatic incident that left her terrified. She experienced a horrific car crash, but she claims her 38KKK fake breasts saved her life.

“The accident was bad, and my breasts are sore, but they protected the rest of me,” she revealed.

2.Bullet Stopper

A 30-year-old woman from Canada was more than lucky to stay alive when an unknown assailant attacked her, but the implants prevented the bullet from the fatal outcome.

She was suffering a broken rib, and both implants had to be removed, but she was lucky enough to recover fully.

3.Helps Surviving a Kangaroo Attack

Australia’s wildlife can sometimes be a little dangerous even if you just go for a bike ride. Then 45-year-old, Sharon Heinrich was attacked by a giant male kangaroo while going for a bit of recreation with her friend.

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“He landed on me first and then jumped off me with his legs bursting my implants…My breast implants probably save my life,” Sharon described.

4.Revealing Illnesses

A mum-of-four Kelly Brown, from England, just wanted bigger breasts at first. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that she already had stage three cancer, but luckily the breast augmentation revealed the illness and saved her life.

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“Luckily, I wanted bigger breasts. I don’t think I’d be here today if I hadn’t had my breast implants put in – they literally saved my life. I have ten more years with my family to enjoy and make memories because of them,” she revealed.

So in conclusion going a little extra is not necessarily bad, because it doesn’t just look good, but it can also save your life!