Dark bass producer and DJ from Northern California, Bleep Bloop, has been releasing tracks on top of tracks recently. Featuring collaborations with Space Jesus, Nastynasty and Sayer, it’s safe to say Bleep Bloop has been on a roll lately. now he’s back with a unique 2 song rap EP, Speech, diving deep into the slow, dark side of bass music. Both tracks on the EP have been played out in the past year or so by Bleep Bloop and artists alike. “Roll My Blunts” with vocals from Gary Paintin features a flawless blend of rap and a classic Bleep Bloop drop. Not only did Gary Paintin provide vocals for this track, he’s also the mastermind behind the artwork on this EP and numerous other singles by Bleep Bloop. ¬†Also on the EP is “Hows This?” with vocals talking about life coming from GDP.

Bleep Bloop’s “Evil Things” spring tour is underway featuring shows at clubs and festivals. If you’re looking to unleash your inner alien, this is the tour for you.

Listen to Speech below: