better believe it now

Two of the biggest masters of electronic funk have collaborated for an undeniably funky tune. “Better Believe It Now”, out today, is a massive collaboration of instruments all across the spectrum. Dominic Lolli of Big Gigantic kills it with the saxophone, with a nice and smooth solo in the middle of the tune. All the while, Jeremy Salken, second member of Big G, kills it on the drums. Gramatik brings forth some special talents of his own as well. Listeners can hear guitar and keys adding to the melody all throughout.

This collaboration is quite the masterpiece, not only from all the musical talent dispersed throughout. The set up of the song starts with a build up of the melody, and leads into the first funky drop. After the drop, it leads into a smooth jam session, really highlighting the solos of the various instruments being played. The final portion of the song picks back up and leads into a funky and bass-heavy drop. It’s always a treat when two power houses of similar genres collaborate; you’re always bound to get a massive tune. Take a listen to “Better Believe It Now” below.