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Imagine quality and exclusive dance music gear, based on style and interests, to the dance music community – from the casual listener to loyal festival-goer being delivered right to your doorstep? FestiCrates is the ONLY music festival based subscription box service of its kind. This new EDM subscription/startup company FestiCrates.com offers monthly bundles of dance music created to cater to all different ravers with different interests. The subscription even includes a home delivery right to your doorstep each month with a brand new box full of new festival items.

The electronic dance music scene is all about freedom of self-expression and that is the exact idea FestiCrates was founded on. FestiCrates mission, according to their website is:

We at Festicrates are dedicated to Hand-Packaging Boxes that will suit your style and festival needs. Every single order is reviewed and fulfilled by real people that really care. We want you to be happy. We want you to look amazing. We want you to be the envy of your festi-fam.

FestiCrates has four different individual boxes to choose from and each box is special and unique in their own way. The first box is for all your kandi and plur soldiers out there and it\’s called the \”Plur Package.\” The second box is for the individuals who like to see the world a little differently and is called the \”Trippy Trunk.\” The third box focuses on the people who work in the music industry with a funny and whimsical gimmick for the name, \”No I Cannot Get You Backstage Box.\” The fourth and final box is a \”Surprise Me\” box and is a box for people who like to go with the flow of things and like surprises.


 All pre-orders will start to see shipping of their FestiCrates before April 1. The subscriptions are flexible and offer several different types of payment for the buyer. Paying month to month is an option, however, three, six, and 12-month plans are available with discounted prices based on length of commitment. Paying in full is another option that is made available too. Discount codes are out there, giveaways and unique promotions are upcoming.

FestiCrates give festival-goers the chance to be a part of something NEW and SPECIAL! FestiCrates is committed to innovating the whole festival experience from the arrival of your first FestiCrate, to then rocking out your goodies at the next festival and showing off your dance music swag to the world. Be a part of history and start your subscription today at FestiCrates.comI know my eyes cannot stop staring at the \”No I Cannot Get You Backstage Box.\”

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