This week has been a huge one for EDM. Inbetween Zhu\’s remix of Bad and Boujie and The Chainsmokers outsourcing their vocals to Coldplay\’s Chris Martin, electronic music is definitely shelling out its best. But wait, in the corner of the ring comes another big contender in people\’s favorite, Zedd.

While definitely not flying under the radar with his ACLU Benefit Concert coming up soon, our man Anton decided that a stacked concert shouldn\’t be nearly enough for the masses. Partnering with Alessia Cara who worked on the Disney film Moana, as well as the post-party banger \”Here\”, Zedd decided to get to work, and damn did it come together well. The song begins with subdued hymnal chants that add a wavy rhythmic pulse underneath Alessia\’s enticing vocals. Hand tapped percussion and snaps combined with slightly autotuned vocals bring us into a future bass influenced drop that is sure to climb this song up the charts with just its catchy leads and wavy chords alone.

Check this one out below, you won\’t be disappointed.