If you are passionate about music and EDM, you might be reluctant to leave your stereo system at home and immerse yourself fully in a vacation with sound. Luckily, there are plenty of hotels and resorts across the USA and beyond that can ensure that you are surrounded by the music that you love and that fills up your soul every day. Then, if you want to go on a trip that is music-themed, or you simply do not want to be parted from your favorite tracks, here are some of the best hotels for music lovers across the United States.

1. Westgate

Source: Instagram, posted December 28th, 2023, on Westgate Las Vegas’ official profile

Westgate resorts offer Sports & Entertainment packages at several locations, which allow you to add event tickets and even drinks tokens to your stay for an attractive price. 

If you are looking for a hotel that is more than just somewhere to sleep, you should consider visiting one of the resorts that are owned by Westgate, such as Westgate Las Vegas. These resorts are often located in the heart of music-friendly cities. Not only this, but Westgate offers Westgate Sports & Entertainment packages that can help you indulge in the music that sings to you while also making the most of your stay and your money. These packages can offer you the chance to see some famous and not-so-famous musicians during your stay if your passion for music extends past EDM, including Barry Manilow and Frankie Valli. You will be able to enjoy performances that have been tailored specifically for the event in question, before falling straight asleep the moment that you hit your extremely comfortable and luxurious pillow. This means that you should look around for hotels that can offer you a little bit extra in 2024.

2. Hard Rock

Source: Instagram, posted January 5th, 2024, on Seminole Hard Rock Tampa’s official profile

The Hard Rock hotels in Tampa and beyond offer you the chance to pair your vacation with a constant stream of music-themed events, along with relaxation with their spa, salon, and shopping amenities. 

Although every music lover is missing out if they have not spent some time in the Hard Rock café before and come back with the merchandise, did you know that Hard Rock also has a chain of hotels? These hotels can be perfect for music lovers as the rooms are entirely themed around music and rock. This means that you can go to sleep in rooms that will fill your mind with dreams of concerts and festivals. These hotels are not just themed, though. Instead, you will find that there is endless entertainment at these hotels, including many concerts that can allow you to find new talent or enjoy old favorites. This music is not only contained within the evening, though, with there being many singers and musicians offering entertainment all day long, meaning that you cannot get away from the peal of music throughout your stay. If you get hungry between concerts, you can also pop across to the Hard Rock café and eat in a famed music-themed environment that you will remember for the rest of your life.

3. The Elizabeth Hotel

Source: Instagram, posted August 16th, 2022, on The Elizabeth Hotel’s official profile

The Elizabeth Hotel offers not only a haven for music lovers, but also a fitness center, rooftop lounge, and state-of-the-art bathrooms that can make you feel as if you are royalty. 

Why shouldn’t music lovers also enjoy luxury? If you are looking for somewhere to let your hair down and pamper yourself, the Elizabeth Hotel might be for you. However, what sets this hotel apart from the others in the area is its combination of luxury and music. It is renowned for catering for those who adore noise, and you will never have to endure the silence of the usual hotel room. This is because each room offers a record player with a vast selection of vinyls that you can put on whenever you wish to and that can allow you to fill your heart with joy before you go to bed each night. Even better, if you are a musician yourself, guests can access the instrument-lending library. This means that you do not have to regret leaving your favorite instrument at home, and you have the opportunity to jam with other guests. This is not all, though. This hotel is also home to live music venues where you can soak up new talent while also sipping on a glass of wine or tucking into a well-earned meal. This can ensure that you never have to be away from music, even if you have decided that you want to spend some time exploring Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

4. The Guest House

Source: Instagram, posted January 31st, 2024, on The Guesthouse at Graceland’s official profile

The Guest House’s 450 rooms are perfect for those who want to see the home of Elvis while also having fun with their own music adoration, and you can even bring your pets along, with the hotel allowing dogs under 35 pounds to stay with you. 

If you are a music lover, at some point in your travel life, you are likely to end up at Graceland, exploring the home of Elvia Presley. However, rather than returning after a long day of sightseeing to a plain and dull hotel, you should opt to spend your time in The Guest House. This hotel can continue your music-themed trip by offering you an almost endless stream of events, including an Elvis Presley weekend, and you will be able to stay in rooms that have been modelled on Presley’s style, enabling you to feel like the King of Rock from the moment that you arrive. You might even be able to pair your trip with a package tour around Graceland itself, meaning that staying at The Guest House will mean that you do not miss out on anything that Graceland and Memphis have to offer.