ZAXX, the young prodigy who took the big room world by storm a few years back has brought us a new approach to his music. Formerly known for his hard hitting festival anthems and remixes, ZAXX has switch direction to a more indie-electronic vibe. “Belong” is almost a self reflective track that tells the listener the story of his own obstacles and successes and how he found his place in the world of electronic music. 

“Belong” is completely different from his various tracks, the intro is extremely melancholy with luscious chords and vocals that give off almost a soundscape feel. This transitions into a dark bass laden groove that certainly emphasizes electro elements. Finally, the track surfaces into an array of synth layers that truly incorporate his emotions and inspirations that end the song on a high note. As this is the first track from him this year, listeners can expect to hear more of this style from ZAXX as he continues on his musical journey throughout 2018. As ZAXX describes, “‘Belong’ is a track that hits really close to home for me. I wrote and sang it when I wasn’t sure of my direction or where I belonged musically. Out of that came a record that is really personal and special in my eyes. From the vocal, to the bass line, to the big emotional section at the end, I feel like it is a great example of where my music is headed.” – ZAXX