5 & A Dime not only brings us a new mashup, but a completely different way of producing it. The Philly native has gone beyond just sitting on a computer creating music for this Release. In the video shown below 5 & A Dime created his very own DanceDanceRevolution inspired Launchpad that is controlled by his feet. Every step you take is an action within the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Having combined technology, athleticism and music, this LaunchPad is certainly an eye catcher. Frankly, I’d love to take it for a spin myself but I’m sure it’s not available to the general public yet. The video features 5 & A Dime and his newly created hardware prancing about creating a mashup. This one is entitled “Damn I Feel Amazing.” Incorporating multiple samples and vocal shots from different tracks while working out is truly a sight to see.

This is a remarkable project that hopefully will be presented during future live shows. We’ll just have to wait and see but having been released on Lowly Palace, premiered on ThisSongIsSick and supported by world renowned DJ’s this new technology endeavor can be added to his mountain of successes. To see the LaunchPad and 5 & A Dime in action check out the video below.