LA based producer, XAVAGE, debuts his collaboration with DARKMARK titled “If You Need Me, Don’t.” Having graduated from famed production school, Icon Collective located in Los Angeles, CA, XAVAGE has been on a tear of self-releases that have been supported by the likes of Slander, UZ, and Quix. Out of the gate, “If You Need Me, Don’t” grabs your attention with its squealing synth melodies and infectious bounce. DARKMARK enters the picture to provide a tantalizing verse and flow that bends and bows to the rhythm of the drum track. As the song builds and culminates with the title phrase, the track transports into something out of a Timbaland masterclass, paying close attention to bounce, rhythm, and ear worm melodies. Having already solidified himself amongst industry players with his self-releases, XAVAGE shows no sign of slowing down with his first release with Quality Goods Records.

“I would just like to remind people of the purpose about the XAVAGE project. It’s all about putting DANCE back into EDM. I truly do believe a lot of EDM producers nowadays are more concerned with impressing other producers rather than actual fans causing more brain melting music and less groove/rhythm based music. I strive to make electronic trap music that is bumpable in multiple scenarios. Whether you have the rooftop down driving down the coast, pre-gaming with the squad before the club, or find yourself at a festival, this song is perfect for you.” -XAVAGE