will sparks

“G’day mate” is a typical Australian greeting you may hear when around Australia’s number one DJ, Will Sparks, and the twenty-one year old is making waves with his debut EP titled ‘Another Land.’ Released under Ultra Music Records, the 8 tracks feature a vast majority of the talent and creativity we have come to expect from the young and thriving DJ. By infusing his own vocals as well as instrumentals, Sparks has shown his versatility and ability to venture out from his comfort zone.

The music video features 4 dancers with vastly different styles from break dancing to ballet, belly dancing and a classic dance associated with Indian culture, whom all are brought together in “another land” right before the second drop hits. The dancers provide us with a dance number fusing all the styles listed above, in a message that conveys togetherness and unity.

The video also features Sparks displaying his vocals in between dance numbers. Via Ultra Music’s YouTube page, the video has compiled over 70,000 views since the five days it has been uploaded. It’s safe to say that the young DJ’s first music video for “Another land,” has produced another hit.