If you\’re a fan of UK dubstep, you\’ve definitely come across the name Modestep before. In 2013, their debut album Evolution Theory pleasantly sat on top of the UK dance chart. Finally, after nearly 2 years, we\’ve got a promising lead on their next album.

If you haven\’t seen Modestep live, keep your fingers crossed for a U.S. tour later this year as they have already announced a few upcoming UK dates. The band\’s frontman, Josh Friend, along with his brother Tony behind the decks are all that remain of the original band; they\’ve replaced their original drummer and guitarist with hope for the new band lineup to prosper. Their live shows are the epitome of heavy dubstep chaos. Blending the filth and aggression of UK dubstep with the energy of live vocals and instruments make for a dangerous, bone-crushing event.

I got to check them out for myself at Lollapalooza in 2013; I was absolutely blown away and that set definitely sits among my top 10 favorites of all time. If you missed that show, you can check out a short recap video below.

With this latest track, premiered by the globally acclaimed UKF, we are given a taste at what Modestep has been up to. There is a noticeably greater rock influence in this new tune and that\’s something to be excited about. Though many may categorize them as a dubstep-orientated band, this song has drum & bass written all over it. Add Josh\’s almost nostalgic vocals and you\’ve got yourself a great beginning to something musically incredible.

This song could be the start of a year full of new Modestep music. They\’ve been teasing a second album all week so I don\’t doubt that this tune is the result of some new production with the new band. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on their forthcoming album.

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The future looks bright for this English band and I couldn\’t be more excited to hear a new album from them. Modestep, both their music and live performances, keeps a special place in my heart; a very grimy place.