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Monday is a day that many individuals fear and dread because it symbolizes the end of the weekend. For some it means the start to a new week of school, work, or in my case a new Tritonia from Tritonal.

Every Monday Tritonal, the music duo Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed from Texas, release a new episode of their weekly podcast on their Soundcloud account. Tritonia 110 was released on Monday, and progressive house lovers this new Tritonia is about to take you on a journey. Each Monday Tritonal keeps advancing their sound with better transitions and unique song choices. The flow of Tritonia 110 from start to finish just always puts my spirits in a good mood. This new Tritonia just proves that these guys are really growing and progressing.

Monday\’s honestly used to be a day I despised, but now because of Tritonal I have grown to actually look forward to Monday as if it was Friday. In all honesty every day is day you should look forward to because its a new day for an adventure. Start your adventure by of course falling down the rabbit hole with Chad and Dave.

They still have a couple of shows left and will be ending their \”Untouchable Tour\” in Tampa, Florida at the Amphitheatre Event Facility in Ybor City. Tickets are still on sale for purchase so don\’t miss this epic show and buy them now. Their is even word that Cash Cash and Tritonal might be going back to back during some of these shows. So Tritonians it is time to unite.

Photo Credit: From Wikimedia Commons