Sure international EDM artist, Borgore, lives a luxurious life that many of us probably envy. However, famous people are human and still can relate to normal human things.

Just because you make a ton of money, get to travel the world, and do what you love, that doesn\’t mean you can\’t encounter everyday life struggles. (Duh of course not.)

1. Like, when your mom still thinks she can dress you…



Don\’t worry Asaf I bet mamma knows best.

 2. To the times you\’ve gotten a little messy eating…


\”What did you get all over your shirt?

\”Sure looks like anal sex to me.\”

3. How food is constantly on your mind…


Seriously same.

4. Wishing technology could fix every life problem you had..


Someone get on this ASAP.

5. Being a low-key fangirl…


I wonder if he used the \”pretend to be on the phone\” trick to get that picture.

6. Dealing with people who don\’t like you…


Ouch, thats a harsh one.

7. Properly handling medical emergencies…


\”Hi 911, I\’ll take a steak and cheese with no tomatoes.\”

8. Slightly judging strangers in public…


Maybe it was just a rough night?

9. Blaming others for our own mistakes…


Damn you Ebola!!

10. Seems like we all have more things in common with Borgore than we thought. Although, of course no matter the struggles we go through, never forget to appreciate yourself.