In early February, future house pioneer Tchami embarked on his Prophecy Tour with support from fellow French producer Mercer. After touring the East Coast, they made it to the Midwest, eventually ending up at Concord Music Hall in Chicago this past weekend.

From the get go, the spirits were high and the energy was nothing short of inspiring. Mercer set the tone for the night with one infectious beat after another. His set hit all the right spots with bass heavy tracks, deep house vibes and a few of his classics including a remix of his very own \”Encore\” with both grimy and orchestral components. Once the stage cleared, everyone made a beeline to the bathrooms and bar to get back in time for the man of the hour.

After what felt like the longest fifteen minutes of our lives, the room went black except for the brightly lit pulpit/table and Tchami appeared. He started off strong with some deep, choppy bass and kept it going throughout the entire two-hour set. The crowd went crazy when he dropped his own hits like \”Missing You,\” \”Prophecy,\” and \”Move Your Body (Future House).\” In addition, he gracefully incorporated a diverse set of tracks, both old and new, including Coolio\’s \”Gangster\’s Paradise,\” his remix of Janet Jackson\’s \”Go Deep,\” and Format:B\’s \”Chunky.\” One of my personal favorites was DJ Snake and Moksi\’s \”Pigalle.\”

Aside from the impressive setlist, the stage design is definitely worth mentioning. If you are familiar with Tchami, you know he sports a clerical collar and holy demeanor as part of his signature look, so it only made sense to have a pulpit and gothic cathedral background. The \”stained glass windows\” alternated from a peaceful glow to lightening and the pulpit flashed different shades, both coordinated with the tempo of each track.

Just a little bit of last night in Chicago ❄️?? — ( video @singe_chivteam )

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There wasn\’t a dull moment throughout the evening. Shufflers could be found, not only on the main floor, but in the balcony and near each bar at all times. Certain songs had fans chanting to the beat and others had them belting out each lyric. One thing that definitely contributed to the high spirits was the energy that radiated from both Mercer and Tchami. It was evident that both were feeling the music they prepared for the evening, just as much as we were.

It\’s exciting to see these talented producers garnering so many fans internationally and bringing the future house genre to light. The Prophecy Tour continues throughout this month, with the next stop being March 9th at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas. Be sure to grab a ticket while you can!